Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Chicago

Theory activities in Hyde Park

The Theory group sprung up with the founding of the Department in 1983 and has thrived ever since. In the intellectual environment of the University of Chicago, a university dedicated to fundamental research in all areas, our Theory group graduated a number of outstanding doctoral students. Our faculty, as well as current and former graduate students have produced widely cited results and won major awards in Theory.

Our group is enhanced by close collaboration with TTIC, another institution on the University of Chicago campus with several faculty members and postdocs in Theory.

Both the Department and TTIC continue to hire in a variety of areas, including Theory, so we expect our group to expand further.

Theory Seminar

(aka Combinatorics and TCS seminar)

This seminar is intended to be broad and covers not only what is traditionally referred to as "core theory", but also many topics at least distantly related to it. And when we are really interested in a result and/or a speaker, the employed notion of distance is understood rather liberally!

Logistically, our normal meeting time is Tuesday, 3:30pm. But, as a courtesy to our out-of-town speakers, we expect to meet occasionally on a different day, read the announcements carefully (and sign to our mailing list if you want to receive them on a regular basis).

Descriptions of seminars offered between 2008 and 2014 (more recent seminars are on the calendar above) can be found on our seminar archive page.

Theory Lunch

Theory Lunch is a weekly hour-long event open to all students, researchers, and faculty within the Chicago area research community. The general hope is to create a light and informal atmosphere where those interested in the theory of computation can connect. In the first half, attendants can gather, relax, and catch up with each other over lunch. In the second half, a selected speaker will give a short presentation (using the whiteboard or slides) about work they have found interesting or results they would like to advertise.

Theory Lunch is currently held on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm CT at John Crerar Library, room 390. Weekly announcements for speakers will be sent to the University of Chicago CS Theory mailing list and published on the University of Chicago CS Theory calendar. We are always looking for speakers, so please reach out to Gabe Schoenbach if you are interested.